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Why an entire city in Australia is agitating over Netflix - Oyster-France Evening Edition

Why an entire city in Australia is agitating over Netflix – Oyster-France Evening Edition

Written by Nicholas Hassan-For

Video-on-demand platform Netflix plans to shoot a reality show at Byron Bay’s seaside resort in Australia. Many residents of the area rallied against the shooting. They fear that this project will bring a distorted and dark image of their city.

(Map: Oyster-France)

“This is a multinational company that is trying to exploit the name of the city against the advice of the local people. “ So says Ben Gordon, manager of a hotel on Byron Bay on the East CoastAustralia. The “Multinational Company” He mentions this in an interview with an Australian daily Sydney Morning Herald , Which is the video-on-demand giant Netflix.

He plans to shoot a new reality show Byron Base, This seaside resort is one of the most popular on the island-continent. The social network is a series of eight episodes centered on “influencers” with professional use of the platform, developed on Instagram.

The initiative has sparked a wave of hostility in recent days. Many of the city’s businesses have refused to give the Netflix crew permission to shoot, and An online petition It has collected more than 8,000 signatures calling on local authorities to implement similar measures.

A beach in Byron Bay. (Photo: Tronepikr / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0)

A project “full of plays”

What residents fear is that the show sends a distorted and unnecessary picture, summing up the mayor of the city, Simon Richardson, who has a population of about 9,000, in an interview. ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

He says this could have a negative impact on the businesses of this tourist destination, Netflix has over 200 million subscribers. Because whoever starts shooting in early May promises that the project will be really sulfur …

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If this series “Lifting the Veil on the Culture of Influence” Should be “True and Honest”, It should be a lot “Plays” And “Conflicts”, Writes Netflix in a press release quoted by the news agency Associated Press.

“There will be arguments” And “Heart aches”, Netflix adds In a post on Instagram.

The main characters of this show are on social networks, “Sell different products and promote brands”, Explains Julian Morgans, executive producer of the show ABC. These influencers are now plentiful in Byron Bay, he continues.

A disconnected view of reality

In fact, in recent years, the physics of the region, familiar to surf enthusiasts, have changed. Many celebrities, including Hollywood actors, have bought properties there, and many social media influencers have settled or staged there.

“Byron Bay was once considered a bohemian abode. Summarizes the Australian edition of the British newspaper Defender . Today, the rate of personal influence is said to be higher than in any other city in Australia. “

Video on-demand platform Netflix wants to shoot a new reality show on Byron Bay. (Example photo: Thomas Brucardis / Oyster-France)

Another issue raised by the show’s opponents: At times, some social media posts present an exaggerated view of reality. “A lot of people describe Byron Bay as a paradise, but it’s hard to find shelter or work there.” Amy, an anonymous resident of the area, pointed out ABC In 2019.

“There are real concerns and challenges within our community, Mayor Simon Richardson confirms. We must have the right not to be exploited and to settle our affairs among ourselves. “ He concludes.