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Young volunteers will again be infected with the virus

Young volunteers will again be infected with the virus

Vaccine against Govt-19 (photo description). – Canva / 20 minutes

As part of a study British, Good volunteers Health Deliberately exposed for a second time Govit-19 To determine how the immune system works for a person who has recovered from the virus, Oxford University announced Monday. The study, which will begin this month, found that young people between the ages of 18 and 30 are naturally susceptible to the corona virus.

It will use the original variant of the Covit-19 developed in Wuhan, but discussions are underway to add one of the new variants. The goal is to find out what the level of the virus is to re-infect a person and how the immune system responds.

About sixty volunteers

Helen McShane, the vaccine professor in charge of the study, explained that these studies, in which we voluntarily expose patients to a virus, “teach us things that others cannot, because they are tightly controlled.” “When we re-infect these participants, we know how their immune system reacted to the first Govt infection, and when the second infection occurred, we know how much virus they received,” he said.

According to the Oxford researcher, “the information gathered from this work will allow us to design better vaccines and treatments, but to understand whether people are protected after receiving the Govt, and for how long”. The first phase of the study will involve 64 volunteers.

Their health is closely monitored

The health of these volunteers – paid 5,000 5,000 (, 5,812) each – will be closely monitored by a team of researchers who will offer a treatment based on monoclonal antibodies developed by the US laboratory Regeneran if they develop symptoms. After being infected with the virus, they are isolated for 17 days and taken to the hospital until others become infected.

The study, which lasted twelve months, included eight follow-up appointments after discharge from the hospital. Autoimmune programs for a virus play an important role in the development of treatment against diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera and influenza.

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