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Who is the most intimidating in the entire NHL?  The players have voted

Who is the most intimidating in the entire NHL? The players have voted

The Athletic has been polling several NHL players on various topics lately, and the topic of interest tonight is the most intimidating player on the ice. The one that might look good to you if your head wasn’t held high.

Four players emerged victorious from this not-so-fun thread (if you were on the receiving end of it): Tom Wilson of capitals, Ryan Reeves toronto maple leafs, Jacob Trueba New York Rangers and Radko Judas Of ducks.

Wilson, who has been suspended five times for a total of 30 games (but not since 2021), won, of course.

From my first training, I learned multiplication when I was seven years old. “I’ve always loved that part of the game. I grew up watching players from the late ’90s and early 2000s who were power forwards that I always wanted to be. I wanted to grow up and play like the guys in the Rock’em Sock’em videos.”

I wanted to score goals. I wanted to play hard. I wanted to play hockey the right way. And obviously, when you play like that, there are times when things happen quickly and things happen. But I think I tried to adapt to the league. Players may be a little younger now in general, but I’m still trying to adapt, learn and grow as a player. Obviously, halfway through my career, things got a little bad. I just tried to build on the fundamentals of my game and stay on the ice to help the team.

-Tom Wilson