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In Al-Kindi, it turns out a very shy young man

In Al-Kindi, it turns out a very shy young man

In philosophy, there is a question of fundamental importance that has puzzled many ancient thinkers for centuries: Who am I?

Richard LappeRichard Lappe

This question, we can modify it a little, and put it in the plural, and this fits perfectly with all the complexities in Al-Kindi for the year 2021: Who are we?

The question is excellent, you will admit it.

It has been especially so since Saturday night, when 20-year-old Cole Caufield allowed himself to score the winning goal in overtime against the Ottawa Senators, which was only the fourth game with the team. A little earlier, 24 hours earlier at the same venue, it was Nick Suzuki who scored the winning goal against the Winnipeg Jets on Friday night.

Could this sound like some kind of youth makeover? It’d be tempting to believe … but for now, we’re not there yet.

In the Top 5 Among the club’s top scorers, only one of those youngsters, Suzuki, is third, with 34 points in 50 games. If we go back a little, in Top 10 Only two of the scorers are Suzuki and Jisbury Kotkaniemi. For now, al-Kindy continues to assign the most senior to his duties.

For a club with such heavy salaries, a youth transformation would be necessary, if not mandatory, and it would not be possible to continue paying the salaries of all the club’s veterans. However, this was not what General Manager Mark Bergevin immediately did; Among other things, the three players added to the deadline for exchanges serve as a reminder of the importance given to the experience (or “leadership”, according to that) at the Bell Center.

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In Cole Caufield’s case, it took a little despair, along with a series of disasters, to finally decide to give him the match shirt.

Dominic Ducharme also understands that it is veterans who matter to them within this organization. Prior to his injury, Shea Weber was still the club’s most used defender, despite frequent poor performances. Poor Victor Mitte was sent to the stands for much less … before he was sent on concessions and claimed by the senators.

Photo by Bernard Brawlt, press

Xia Weber

Carrie Price is not there now due to the concussion, but when he comes back, and whatever he looks like then, he and no one else will be in the net. Because it is like this.

At twenty-six years old, Jonathan Drouin is a “old young man,” so to speak, but his tough evenings in the offensive have not prevented him from remaining a staple in the power game, before the break as we know it.

So yeah, Canadians probably should give more responsibilities to the younger ones, but we feel that there is reluctance on the part of senior management to switch to this strategy right now, at this very moment.

In response to a question about Eric Stahl last week (two goals in 16 games with the Canadian), Ducharme provided the answer: “I don’t think he can have the same season he was in his early twenties. But you can see him around the net. He has that experience, this is this. Skills to complete games. The same goes for Corey Berry … He’s already scored 50 goals. We don’t expect him to be able to do that today, but we know he can contribute at specific times. ”

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So is life.


Jesperi Kotkaniemi

Suzuki is doing well, Caufield is a dream, but there are other guys, right, who are not moving fast.

This is the case of Jesperi Kotkaniemi, who recently admitted to slight fatigue in his legs and head; Here he is without goals in 18 games, and only 1 point in his last 13 games. As for Alexander Romanov, the most beautiful player on the Blue Line, it took Lieber to skip 20 minutes on Friday for the first time in 20 games.

The youngsters come to the Bell Center, but they will have to wait a little longer. If we were to rely on what we’ve seen from this team so far in 2021, if decisions are to be relied upon, then the veterans will be the ones to take part. The youngest will someday be asked to take a bigger place … but maybe not right away.

The wounded


• C. Price

• S Weber

• Ttars

• B. Byron

• J. Drouin

• B. Gallagher


• Sabreen

• Z. Bogosian

• Z. Hyman

• R. Nash

F. Andersen

the number


The number of consecutive matches Maple Leafs has just won.