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Secret documents: Judge gives Trump a new deadline

Secret documents: Judge gives Trump a new deadline

Donald Trump's lawyers had until Thursday to submit to Judge Eileen Cannon a list of secret documents seized at Mar-a-Lago that they want to present during their client's trial in connection with this case. But in a major victory for former President Judge He gave them a deadline of Mondaywithout even imposing a new deadline for them to prepare this crucial list that must be reconciled with the list of federal prosecutors, a process that alone could lead to months of litigation.

As of Monday, Trump's lawyers said they were too busy with their client's trial in New York to complete the required docket. On Monday, they presented a new argument that stems from a confession made by special prosecutor Jack Smith last Friday. The latter informed the court that some of the documents found in some of the boxes seized at Mar-a-Lago were no longer arranged in the same order in which they were found.

It was enough for Trump's lawyers to raise the specter of “corruption of evidence” and for Judge Cannon to respond to their request to postpone the submission of the requested list indefinitely.

the The New York Times He concludes his article this way:Free link) on this incalculable delay in a case in which Trump's guilt seemed clearer than others: “Repeatedly, Judge Cannon, appointed by Mr. “It will be rejected outright.” In many cases, its acceptance of Mr. Trump’s unorthodox claims led to significant delays in bringing charges in the secret documents case to the jury.

This is another example.

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