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What will CH do by choosing flames?

What will CH do by choosing flames?

While Sean Monahan’s performance is getting attention, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the Montreal Canadiens also received a first-round pick from the Calgary Flames with a lot of interesting terms.

In this deal made by Kent Hughes in the summer of 2022, CH, in addition to the forward, received a conditional first-round pick from the Flames in 2025. Conditional, because it is not necessarily a 2025 option.

The Canadiens will have the option to acquire the Flames’ first-round pick in 2024, but only if said pick falls between the 20th and 32nd overall picks inclusive.

However, if this trend continues, it’s possible the Flames (2-7-1-) could miss the playoffs this season and be decided earlier than expected in the first round. If necessary, CH will not have the option to redeem the 2024 option.

If Alberta doesn’t change their position, it’s possible the Canadiens could inherit the Flames or Florida Panthers’ first-round pick in 2025.

At the end of the 2024-2025 season, the Flames will receive the Panthers’ first-round pick if the latter is not part of the draft lottery.

If the Flames receive this pick, the Canadiens could get the better pick of both teams in certain scenarios.

It’s also possible that CH could get a pick from the Flames in the top 10, provided it’s not the first pick overall.

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In short, the Monahan trade makes the Flames look bad and goes beyond the implications of the former midfielder’s performance, which has nine points, including six goals, in 10 games this season.

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