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Behind the scenes of Guy Lafleur’s tribute show

Behind the scenes of Guy Lafleur’s tribute show

Guy Lafleur will revive this summer in some way at the Amphithéâtre de Trois-Rivières, thanks to the passion of the artisans who work on the show man! man! man!.

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“The first memory I have of television is of Guy Lafleur walking on ice,” prop designer Alan Jenkins, who worked on six other parts of the Cirque du Soleil tribute series, recalled in Trois-Rivières. “There’s something more to Jay’s show, because we all have memories. It’s so close and rooted in us. It’s such a generous show. We tried to cover as many elements as possible to make people feel nostalgic. Because it’s still so fresh, his passing, it’s only been a year.” »

Archive photographs of Guy Lafleur, particularly from the 70s and 80s, will be integrated into the show through projections on screens, acrobatic surfaces or even on accessories such as a goal net. This video segment has been approved entirely by Guy Lafleur Family. The show will also include quotes from his former teammates.

Blue, white and red are everywhere, to remember the teams Guy Lafleur played for, namely the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Quebec Nordiques. The makeup and costumes will be sparkling to represent the sacred fire and hockey stars.

Costume designer Marlene Bastien scoured flea markets with her team to source vintage hockey gear: “It allowed us to form relationships because the people who own these little treasures always have secrets to share with us about Guy Lafleur. For the make-up, the team took inspiration from the arena: stripes will be shown And bands, and circles, and icing.

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Some stats, related to staying within the sporting theme: 140 costumes, around fifty accessories and 31 performers are part of the show. Their happiness is indeed contagious. “You say that, we play hockey! We, too, in the circus, the same thing. We play, we have fun! It’s absolutely fantastic,” recalls Sebastien Tardif, who embodies the comedic character of the show.

The 20 perform man! man! man! It will be presented from July 19 to August 19. According to the Amphitheater team, ticket sales are going very well, but there’s still a few things left for each show.