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Maxim Tsyplakov didn't sign with the Canadian after all

Maxim Tsyplakov didn't sign with the Canadian after all

This week we've been watching whether Maxim Tsyplakov will sign with the Canadian.

Clearly the chances of seeing him arriving in town have been there since whistleblower Elliott Freedman revealed the club were in the running, but nothing has been official.

And there, it ended: he went… to New York, on orders from Patrick Roy.

The Russian scored 31 goals this year in the Premier League. He would bring an offensive boost for the Canadian with a one-year entry-level contract (due to his age), as he had just signed with the Islanders.

It's a small risk in New York, a club that is good at doing things in the shadows.

Ultimately he would not have used the NHL to raise the stakes in the KHL, as some believe, in recent days. He wants to be in North America.

Note that according to Andrew Zadarnowski, the Islanders' recruiting officer is a good friend of the main interested party, which may explain the connection between the player and his new team.

So CH will have to look elsewhere to improve his club this summer.

Adding a free agent offensive tackle might be a good thing for the GM, but there will be other opportunities to add offensive talent to the organization in the coming months.

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