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“We were builders, now it takes a week to change a door handle”

“We were builders, now it takes a week to change a door handle”

“It’s been 5 years,” says Mario Dumont at Quebec Matin. Here the analyst points to the long-awaited end to the construction site at the intersection of Champlain and Maisonneuve Streets, where workers were to add a vent for the Montreal Metro.

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Samsara Renville – TVA Nouvelles

Note that this work has been in progress since March 2018, making the Champlain de Maisonneuve in Saint-Catherine inaccessible since then.

Note, however, that a fire delayed work in 2020. White smoke billowed from the wooden structure of the access shaft under construction, which was enclosed by a metal fence. Then the workers had to start over.

Samsara Renville – TVA Nouvelles

“A street that has been closed for more than three years,” Mario Dumont protested. “Today, it takes almost as long to put a louvre over a station as it took to build the entire metro at that time.”

The analyst particularly wonders about the efficiency of the progress of work given the modern technology available to the workers.

“Something is no longer working,” he says. “You look at what we’ve built in the past and you say to yourself, ‘But what’s going on?'” The equipment has improved, so what more can we do?

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