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“We had to do our lessons so it was visually disgusting”: The “Wash to Win” team revealed their secrets to us

“We had to do our lessons so it was visually disgusting”: The “Wash to Win” team revealed their secrets to us

It is next Monday evening that the first edition of Quebec Wash to win It will take an antenna.

In this show, sixteen candidates will compete against each other to determine Quebec's cleaning champion.

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To do this, these people will have to vacuum, scrub with a brush, scrub with a cloth, and dust off a variety of everyday objects as best they can.

But whoever says cleaning says, first and foremost, stubborn dirt, and it's clearly that side of things that initially impressed us. A bag of chips.


We had the pleasure of speaking with producer Amelie Dion Martel and content director Karl-Antoine Goupil, who assured us that it was a lot of fun designing cleaning challenges for the show.

What you need to know is that Wash to win It is a “format”, which means that the show was actually conceived elsewhere in the world and the concept was purchased by a local producer (in this case, Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebcor Content) to be implemented here.

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“With a show like Masterchef, which has been on for a long time, it comes with a big ‘bible’ to follow,” Amelie Dion-Martel told us. “But Wash to win It's a relatively modern format, and we had more freedom.


“The Bible” from Wash to win Because it was not comprehensive, it represented a double-edged sword for the production team: on the one hand, we could imagine the challenges we wanted, but on the other hand, we had to find the means to make it possible from the ground up. .

All members of the production team participated in the development of the cleaning “games”, but also (and above all!) their solutions.

“We had to do our homework to make it visually repulsive and difficult to wash,” said the producer, who was also keen to make everything aesthetically interesting.

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“The props team spent a lot of time testing, because it was really important to have a great product on screen, for viewers and fans alike. We had to find the right recipe so they would both be surprised,” she explained.


Weather, temperature conditions, wind, and the material the dirt is applied to are all factors that can play a role.

“Polyester fabric, a tablecloth, there's nothing sticky in it, it comes off all of a sudden. On the other hand, a light wool blouse, forget it, if you don't do anything in the first 15 minutes, it'll go away. There's nothing to do.” Carl Antoine Goupil tells us.

“It's fun, it's a puzzle to put together. We know the solution is to combine two products, but competitors have to find that.”

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“In the microwave, we fried BenzOats, eggs. But the prop makers considered it nonsense monetary. They did not break the egg into a small dish and put only the yolk in the oven. They put the whole egg with the shell! “Look, there's a torn microwave door!” said Goebel, illustrating how much the props team played a major role in realizing the disgusting vision the producers wanted.

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“The prop masters had a lot of fun getting dirty. They sent us little videos, with lipstick, and dirty wine glasses. But yeah, since it's TV, it has to be pretty. “We got dirty! “Adds Dionne Martell, who is always interested in the aesthetic aspect.


They are clearly satisfied with the atmosphere during the shoot and their overall experience wash to win, Our interlocutors praised the participants.

“The candidates had fun until the end. They were going up! It was fun and it shows in the challenges and in Stefan Bellavance's animation.

As usual, in the spring we do a big cleaning, and on TV, it will happen on Monday evening!

Wash to win It airs Mondays at 8 p.m., starting April 8, on TVA and on TVA+.

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