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“Wash to Win”: Stephane Bellavance will lead TVA's big spring cleanup

“Wash to Win”: Stephane Bellavance will lead TVA's big spring cleanup

Stefan Bellavance isn't afraid of spring cleaning. Because he knows you have to scrub hard and not forget any angle, he was the guy we called in to liven up the novelty. Wash to winQuebec's adaptation of the cleaning competition Master cleaners.

But be careful, Stefan is humble and immediately rejects the title of ace scrubber!

“If I said I was a fan Cleaning, I used to make those around me laugh a lot. On the other hand, playing with a gang of cleanliness lovers who are not afraid of any dirt? Ah there, we're talking! Do participants think they know all the hygiene secrets? I can already imagine their reaction to what awaits them! In addition to all the fun I'll have, I'll learn a lot of tricks…which might just make me enjoy rubbing! Great!” he said at the dawn of this big spring cleaning at TVA.

Stefan Bellavance needs no introduction, but let's remember that he excels at hosting thanks to his enthusiasm, generosity and unifying side. Manages meetings privately the nexton ICI Télé, as well great! And I am eatingIn Télé-Québec.

in Wash to win16 candidates of all ages and from all backgrounds will be on the starting line for this “crazy” cleaning competition, which will consist of 11 one-hour episodes.

Enemies of dust and dirty floors, candidates will have to redouble their efforts and perform well during the “extreme and often comically chaotic” cleaning tests. The timer will add to the pressure surrounding the group. Through their audition, they will have to convince two expert judges that they have what it takes to stay in the competition. And every week, at least one of them will have to come back and clean the fold.

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Guest characters will also come and present candidates to various challenges.

finally, Wash to win The ultimate cleaning champion will be crowned, who will win the grand cash prize presented by Qualinet.

Produced by Pexcom (Indefensible, Alerts, Master Chef Quebec), in collaboration with Quebcor Content, the competition Wash to winadapted from the Danish ITV Studios format, will air this spring on TVA.