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Marina Orsini loses her cooking show

Marina Orsini loses her cooking show

Host Marina Orsini finished filming last Thursday. The April 5 show will be the last original show to air.

“The broadcast has ended 5 chefs in my kitchen “It was an unfortunately difficult decision as a result of the cuts,” explains Mark Bechet, senior director of strategic issues at Radio-Canada, via email.

Born amid the pandemic in the fall of 2020 and produced at Zone3, 5 chefs in my kitchen Then it was added to Ricardo On the Daily Show of Cooking Shows, the result of Radio-Canada's commitment to improving its daytime programming.

Unpretentious and in a relaxed atmosphere, Marina Orsini cooked there in the company of famous chefs such as Bob Le Chef, Sur Angel, Emilie Rizzetto, Pasquale Vari, Caroline Dumas, Arnaud Marchand and many others.

The show aired Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m., and attracted an average of 88,000 followers each morning, according to Numeris.

5 chefs in my kitchen It celebrated its 500th broadcast last November. Marina Orsini even released a book, greedy! My family recipesA year and a half ago.

Before, she hosted the morning magazine Marina Orsini For four seasons on ICI Télé.

“Indeed, very sad news today,” Marina Orsini wrote on her Facebook page, before thanking the people who surrounded her in this group. “I was surrounded by an absolutely amazing, dedicated, crazy, funny and passionate team. I will miss you so much, my amazing friends.”

The decision to finish 5 chefs in my kitchen It arrives just days after the announcement of cuts of about a dozen jobs at Radio-Canada, which particularly affects the gourmet platform Mordu, which was launched three years ago.

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This decision also comes at a time when daytime programming is declining among the major networks. since autumn, Isabel and Ricardo cookedwhich succeeded Ricardo, is broadcast only three days a week instead of five on ICI Télé. The broadcaster has already confirmed that it will remain on its schedule for the fall semester.

For its part, TVA has not replaced the magazine Marie-Claude, was canceled last spring. The last remnants of the morning programs on this network, Hello good Morning It now starts half an hour later at 6:30am and continues until 10:30am.