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Marina Orsini and Arnaud Soleil add more after Alexandre Champagne's smoking hit

Marina Orsini and Arnaud Soleil add more after Alexandre Champagne’s smoking hit

Perhaps Alexandre Champagne was expecting to garner some attention and shed some ink by taking over .’s Facebook page Three times a day Unbeknownst to Marilou, but certainly not to create such a stir in the media and social networks.

For a summary of everything that has happened in the culinary world of Quebec since Monday, December 6 at 11:24 p.m., from here.

But using pictures of Sister Angela and Ricardo for this delicious joke made some “jealous” too, who would have liked to get into this rave.

Marina Orsini already grabbed her phone to answer “stunt” The concerned manager of the show recording studio 5 cooks in my kitchen.

“I saw and saw again that you talked a lot about Ricardo, about Sister Angel … and the United States? Don’t you like us here at The Five Chefs? Look, try this, every morning at 11:30 in the morning, you will love it and you will learn many wonderful things. I kiss you, No hard feelings, fired through View Instagram accountPerfectly grips the ball while jumping.

in his storyAlexandre Champagne responded by sending a love letter to Marina Orsini, followed by an emoji of a face crying from laughter and heart.

Alexandre Champagne also took the time, this afternoon, to check if he still had access to administering the Facebook page for Three times a day, as you can see in the post below.

Even Arnaud Sulli added his two cents by offering this awesome montage as a cover photo on facebook page.

Like many free advertising stunts, we can hardly do better.

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