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Wang Xiaojing presents a plan to go to Mars

The China History was recently made by successfully landing a spacecraft on Mars. The event marked a milestone in China’s space program and launched a new international effort to explore the Red Planet. The ChinaMoreover, with the successful landing of the Martian rover recently Tianwen-1 ZhurongShe will have more ambitious plans. Anyway, that’s what he said Wang Xiaojing, PresidentChinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), this Wednesday at Saint Petersburg On Russia At the Global Conference on Space Exploration (GLEX).

Three-stage plan…

conference GLEX Organized by International Astronautical Federation (IAF) et al RoscosmosThe Russian State Corporation for Space Activities. A conference that aims to be a melting pot for discussing and sharing recent findings, current challenges and innovative solutions in space exploration. this Wednesday, Wang Xiaojing, Important statements were made by the invited CALT Chair. According to the scientist, the China It studies ways to bring astronauts back to Mars, bring them back and, above all, potentially have a long-term presence on the Red Planet.

So a three-stage plan. And the first two, primarily technical and technological, already offer great promise of success with the recent successful dispatch of three Chinese astronauts to the space station. tianhe. that is The launch of the Chinese Academy of Automotive Technology who had the Chinese experience for this type of mission had completed extensive research on the structure of the missions.

in particular with ” Examine available launch times, types of orbits a spacecraft can use to travel to Mars, and the most appropriate propulsion system to allow for short and long-term stays and regular and repeat visits ยป.

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The real challenge lies in the third stage, the stage of colonization. For this, the engineers imagined developing and utilizing large resources, creating ” econosphere “. Stage ” econosphere It envisions, according to Chinese scientists, the development of reusable spacecraft fleets, fuel depots for refueling spacecraft in Mars orbit and the use of a periodic orbit.