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After 25 years, Tamagotchi returns in a continuous hour

Marking its 25th anniversary, Tamagotchi has re-sprouted the tip of its nose. This time, the famous virtual animal will return in the form of a continuous clock.

Very popular in the nineties, Tamagotchi has not yet fallen into oblivion. To celebrate 25 years of the game’s existence with dignity, Bandai has just revealed the new version of its digital pet. It is now housed in a connected watch called the Tamagotchi Smart. This will be especially decorated with voice commands that will allow you to wake up your cute little creature with your voice.

In addition, it will be possible to lavish caresses on him via the LCD touch screen. Good thing because your pet will be hungry for affection. Moreover, we will find the features already present in the older models such as the pedometer or the digital clock. It will also be possible to combine several Tamagotchi together. Which spoils nothing: the more fun, the more we laugh! Lateral autonomy, the device will be able to hold for 30 hours before the tongue is removed. It can be recharged via USB.

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Tamagotchi Smart: Release planned for the end of the year

Moreover, the watch will have a speaker that will allow you to listen to music, as we learn in the presentation video posted by the manufacturer (it can be found below). Also note that happy owners of this connected watch will be able to purchase Tamasma cards at €8 per unit. These give you access to traits, characters, or even food to feed your little animal.

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But what about its release date? Tamagotchi Smart will be released on November 23 in Japan. We don’t know yet if the game will be available in our region. To get it, you will have to shell out about 57 euros. Interesting detail, the draw will allow a little lucky to win the connected mini-game. It will be possible to register from June 17 to July 2.