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Microsoft confirms the official name of its new operating system

Windows 11 is already called Windows 11. A few days before the official presentation, Microsoft confirmed the name of its new operating system. A little earlier, several leaks had already revealed the title of the successor to Windows 10. Even a reference to Windows 11 appeared on Apple’s website.

Over the past few weeks, numerous clues have emerged to predict the imminent announcement of Windows 11. Microsoft has also posted several teasers with the aim of creating excitement. finally, Windows 11 ISO installer file Featured on the Internet, Advance Full overview of the interface.

Despite these leaks, rumors, and teasers, the official name of the operating system has not been confirmed. It was not known if Microsoft intended to christen its new operating system Windows 11 or choose a different naming to mark the occasion. Some netizens even imagined that Microsoft had intentionally moved the name of Windows 11 to an ISO file in order to throw its fans down the wrong path.

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No surprise: Windows 11 is called Windows 11

Now we’re fixed: The operating system that will succeed Windows 10 will simply be called Windows 11. As reported by colleagues from XDA Developer, the US publisher sent Copyright Notice (DMCA) to Google about A page from the Indian website Bebom. The request relates to a page that reveals the ISO of Windows 11.

In a DMCA notice, the Japanese branch of Microsoft explains why the page loaded by Beebom should be removed from Google search results. “ article distributes Windows 11 ISO (copyright protected by Microsoft). Please remove their article from search. This is a leaked copy of Windows 11” Microsoft explains.

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Note that the official websites have already confirmed the name of Windows 11 in the past few days. The operating system was specifically mentioned in Apple’s iCloud. iCloud for Windows 11 or later works with Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update Displays the site. Reminder, Microsoft announces Windows 11 on Thursday, June 24, 2021 during the conference. We will tell you more about it as soon as possible.

Source : XDA Developer