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to see |  Panda or dog?  Zoo admits trying to deceive visitors

to see | Panda or dog? Zoo admits trying to deceive visitors

A zoo in China has been forced to admit that it dyed dogs black and white to make them look like pandas, after visitors complained about the trick when it was revealed last week.

The spokesman for the Taizhou Zoo, located in the eastern Jiangsu province, did not hide from China, according to Jam Press, “There are no pandas in the zoo and that is why we wanted to make one.” The New York Post reported on Monday.

Last Wednesday, not all of the first visitors to the unveiling of the new panda species were convinced when they reportedly came face to face with bushy Chow Chows dyed black and white, to mimic panda fur, the Sun noted. .

While several families complained that they were misled by the advertisement, forcing the zoo to publicly correct the situation, others instead accused it of mistreating the animals, according to British media.

“People also dye their hair. The zoo spokesperson also defended the possibility of using natural dye on dogs if they have long fur.

Other visitors, however, were fascinated by the tiny hopping creatures.

“They're really small and they work fast! I think they're great,” one said, according to the New York Post.

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This isn't the first time a zoo has sparked controversy for trying to hide an animal: Recently, another zoo in China reportedly sparked public outrage after trying to pass off another chow chow as a lion, even going so far as to install a Leave No Room sign. To doubt his intentions.

“Using a dog to pretend to be a lion is definitely an insult to tourists,” the mother of 6-year-old Sharon Liu reportedly complained to Orient Today after hearing the lion bark.

Finally, last August, the Hangzhou Zoo, in China's Zhejiang province, was forced to speak out to confirm that one of the bears was indeed an animal, and not a man in disguise, after reports showed that photos showing it on its legs made it all the more surprising. General skepticism.