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Found in the donation box: sneakers sold for $67,000 to a homeless shelter

Found in the donation box: sneakers sold for $67,000 to a homeless shelter

A homeless shelter in Portland, United States, witnessed a major miracle just days before Christmas by raising more than $50,800 US dollars (67,390 Canadian dollars) after auctioning off rare sneakers found in its box for donations at the beginning of the year.

The gold Nike Air Jordan 3 sneakers were donated to the Portland Rescue Mission shelter last April and were found in a trash can, among other donations, the center said. Washington Post Friday.

The shoe is identical to the one designed and worn by American director Spike Lee in 2019.

Not knowing what to do with it and not knowing if it was authentic, the shelter's personnel director, Erin Holcomb, finally decided to have it authenticated at a custom shoe store, which confirmed its value.

“I never imagined they were real shoes,” she told US media.

The shoes were eventually put up for auction at Sotheby's, estimated to be worth between $15,000 and $20,000 USD. It finally rose to US$50,800 on Monday.

“I'm so happy we've been able to use it to serve more people,” said Ms. Holcomb, who plans to use the money to help people experiencing homelessness.

However, the generous donor remained a secret, as director Spike Lee confirmed Washington Post They weren't his sneakers.

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