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Voice messaging on Android and iOS gets new features

WhatsApp has announced that it will be making some improvements to voice messages over the next few weeks, including adding the ability to listen to a message while reading other chats and reading messages at 1.5 or 2 times the speed.

Credit: WhatsApp

The WhatsApp The ability to send voice notes was introduced in 2013. However, since its introduction, Voicemail has seen no major design or feature changes. With that, WhatsApp recently allowed you to Listen to your voicemail messages before sending themUntil now He might be doing something else while listening to his messages on Android.

In addition to these minor improvements, WhatsApp will finally fix its voice notes functionalityGood news for all the users who use this feature on a daily basis. ” Every day on WhatsApp, our users send an average of 7 billion voice messages, all of which are protected with end-to-end encryption to keep them private and secure at all times. ‘, today about a subsidiary of Meta Corporation.

WhatsApp voice messages
Credit: WhatsApp

What’s new for voice messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp will soon allow its users to do so pause their recording, which can come in handy when trying to send longer voice messages. This will help you avoid awkward pauses as you try to think about what to say. WhatsApp also highlights the possibility of Preview voice messages before sending themThe feature was announced last December.

WhatsApp also introduced the ability to Play voice notes in the background. Even now, if you leave the chat while voicemail is on, it will stop playing. Now when you start reading a voicemail, you can switch to another conversation, close the app, or do other things without interrupting reading.

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Finally, the messaging app also has a file Read memory function. This allows you to pick up where you left off when you return to the chat if you paused the voicemail you were listening to. If the messages are too long or you don’t have much time, you can even listen to them 1.5 or 2 times the speed. WhatsApp says the new voicemail features will be rolling out to all users over the next few weeks.