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Five reasons why Kirby and the Forgotten Earth are a source of consolation [CRITIQUE]

Five reasons why Kirby and the Forgotten Earth are a source of consolation [CRITIQUE]

The Little Pink Nintendo Ball is back Kirby and the Forgotten Landa brand new 3D game with only one goal: to make our days brighter.

Don’t look for challenges soulsWe’re on a completely different record here, and that’s good! maybe except Kirby’s Adventure On the NES, it’s impossible to rage against a game from the franchise. I firmly believe that Kirby was created with the sole purpose of making us happy, because it’s impossible not to smile when you see him!

Nintendo screenshot

So we know what to expect Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The new Switch doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but sometimes it’s nice to get back into the comfort of your old slippers.

Forget everything around us

Nintendo screenshot

When you immerse yourself in the world of Kirby, you forget about all the hassles and worries of the day. The game is developed in such a way that one is overwhelmed with joy, colors and cheerful music. It’s the perfect game to play after a bad day at the office.

The game is really easy, and there is an easier way!

We don’t load our minds with ambiguous riddles Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Tables are simple, without getting bored. As easy as it is, the game still offers enough challenges for us to feel like we’re working out a bit. Want more access for your younger (or even older!) kids? There is an easier and perfect way to Game enthusiasts in its bud.

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A real fun day for two

Kirby and the Forgotten It can be enjoyed alone, but with a friend, it’s even more fun! It is an ideal game to play with young children and will be a great introduction to platform games for youngsters. In addition, there are a few other unlockable mini-games in Waddle Dee Village that are really fun to play together.

The music is surprisingly intoxicating

Among the entire game’s soundtrack, not a single song gets on your nerves. I was also surprised by the modern tone of some board music and it’s refreshing to hear it in a game like Kirby.

Versatile design

Nintendo screenshot

Despite the ease of the levels, the developers managed to provide us with a variety of designs. Don’t expect anything as ambitious as Mario, for example. But there are enough differences in the gameplay and game mechanics to make the game gripping. Moreover, the powers mouth fashionwhere Kirby absorbs something and becomes one with it, adds a level to the gameplay that makes the adventure fun and interesting.

Is the game worth it?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land It is real fun to play. The few powers, which can be upgraded by finding blueprints through the adventure, keep the player engaged until the end.

Nintendo screenshot

The game’s focus was also on collectibles, as well as ambiguous puzzles and challenges placed here and there, which make up for the game’s low difficulty. Although this may delay seasoned players who are looking for a challenge, it does a favor to the game and makes it Kirby and the Forgotten Land A very accessible and fun adventure.

However, we recommend waiting for the game to go on sale. Although this story is fun, it only takes 9 hours to complete the main story and 22 hours to complete it at 100% (in both difficulties of the game). So it’s a bit expensive for the $80 game.

What was said, Kirby and the Forgotten Land It still really does do a lot of good!

* Testing was conducted on Nintendo Switch thanks to a code provided by Nintendo for free. Kirby and the Forgotten Land Now available on Nintendo Switch.