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Viral dances: Black traders go on strike

Viral dances: Black traders go on strike

Black traders making viral dances go on strike. Which is why I haven’t looked at the choreography in Megan Thee Stallion’s new song yet.

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Everything indicates that a viral dance, performed by thousands of users, will accompany the song Thoth Chet, released in mid-June, as on TikTok. However, this is not the case for the new song Megan Thee Stallion. And it is no coincidence that black designers, tired of not getting credit for the dances they created, went on strike.

Tictoker Eric Lewis, a dancer from Florida, was one of the first to say he wouldn’t design the song in protest of the cultural appropriation faced by black creators, according to the American Daily. Fox.

“As blacks, we have always been aware of exclusion and rejection. Even in spaces that we have been able to create for ourselves – whether in music, fashion, language or dance – non-black people are constantly infiltrating and occupying these spaces. Without any respect for the architects who built them,” interview for Fox.

That’s because the people who benefit – both financially and in terms of fame – from these choreographies are not the ones who make them, but they are very famous like Charlie D’Amelio or Addison Ray, who have millions of subscribers.

“We’re moving this way because it’s necessary, and it’s something we’ve been discussing among ourselves for some time now,” Eric Lewis added.

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Addison Ray’s invitation to Jimmy Fallon’s show in March was the last straw for many. She performed eight of the most popular dances on the social platform, although she was not the creator. The names of the original creators of these dances were not mentioned during the broadcast.

After the fact, some of them were invited to the show, and they were given some recognition for their choreography. The host opened the clip acknowledging that it was a mistake not to invite them in the first place, adding that these creators “worth asking.”