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Véronique Cloutier explique pourquoi Louis Morissette n'est pas sur la couverture du magazine Véro du temps des fêtes

Véronique Cloutier explains why Louis Morissette does not appear on the cover of Véro magazine during the festive season

This week, Christmas traditions started popping up all over the media. Furthermore it, Veronique Cloutier Published the holiday edition of his magazine Vero. However, many people ask the facilitator about the lack of Louis Morissette On the family photo that doubles as the magazine cover.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry when it comes to a couple.

Indeed, our favorite star explains why her husband is absent on the cover of his magazine in a post for the holiday issue: “ The answer is very simple: he considers that he already reveals a lot about his personal life in interviews and in his work. The family photo on the front page is too much for him. Being conservative in nature, the fact of practicing a public profession requires a lot of effort in this respect, and this front page represents the limit he does not want to cross. The kids and I respect his decision and feel very comfortable taking the photo without him. (To be honest, I also think he likes to maintain his image as a bit of a wild guy; it’s his amusement and I find it charming. His sensitive and tender side, he keeps to myself, and I don’t hate it.)”.

that it cuuuute! No need to wonder why they are our favorite couple!

Is it an exaggeration to say that we sympathize with them…a little? I remember a moment Vero stops at a grocery store, in her pretty dress for Gemini, or When I got my revenge on Pierre Hébert And it was very funny!

So you can imagine our dismay when The couple announced the cancellation of their show, Morissette 2.

Justice in Morissette!

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