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Indomitable results, laughter and failures: Adele reveals her 'Easy On Me' music video mistake

Indomitable results, laughter and failures: Adele reveals her ‘Easy On Me’ music video mistake

The long awaited videoeasy for meAdele’s new title, released October 15. The singer took the opportunity to reveal, Thursday, November 4, via her Instagram account, a behind-the-scenes video of the realization of the latter. Which was not easy.

Breaks in the eyes, heat audio cassette… Adele had to battle the elements, and some things, while filming her last clip. By revealing this address, easy for me, On October 15, that British singer He returned after six years of absence. As in 2015 for its title HelloThe 33-year-old singer was directed by Al-Kindi Xavier Dolan behind the camera. If the clip has already collected 139 million views, fans are entitled to a reward at the singer Adele He shared a short video on his Instagram account on Thursday 4 November with the caption: “Everything is smoke and mirrors! Here is the video error easy for meWhere we discover a rather funny making, which reveals behind the scenes in the clip easy on me, On the set of which the singer showed a lot of patience, lived a huge number of laughs.

“Do it again”

During the video, we can see some of the small problems encountered on the set. First, the cassette does not seem to want to fit the purpose-made car radio: Adele begins to insert it over and over, amused, and her long nails do not help her.

Another memorable scene: When Adele takes her bag to leave the house, her coat makes her coat too by not positioning herself as expected. When the show is restarted a few times, we can also hear the artist getting upset with the dress and someone, possibly Xavier Dolan, throwing it a “do it again” (“replay”, in French).

In the video, “Easy on me”, Adele .’s new music video

The sequence in the room with the fun red walls remains the funniest. Driven by a fan, the scores land wherever they want around the singer but especially on her face, much to the laughter of the artist and the people on set.

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In short, made is where we discover the performer rolling in the Deep Hilarious, despite the constant repetition of the same gestures and filming vicissitudes. And where we know it’s not always Easy To make a video.

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