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Varenne: A second life for eclipse viewing glasses

Varenne: A second life for eclipse viewing glasses

Now that the passing of the solar eclipse has become one of the lasting memories of all residents, you can keep your observation glasses as a souvenir, but the city of Varennes also offers three options to give them a second life.

Glasses can be left in recovery boxes at the city hall or library and will be sent to organizations that plan to reuse them during the total eclipse scheduled for August 2, 2027 in Africa.

The other option, of course, is to keep them in view of the next partial eclipse that will occur on March 29, 2025, when the moon will partially hide the sun in part of the south of the province. A similar phenomenon will also occur on August 12, 2026 in Quebec. On the night of March 13 to 14, 2025, Quebec residents will be able to observe a total lunar eclipse this time, meaning that the moon will pass through the center of the Earth’s shadow.

It is also possible to recycle cardboard eyeglasses by placing the cardboard in the recycling bin and the film in the trash. It should be noted that this process is necessary for proper recycling, because the complete glasses will be rejected at the sorting center.

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