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Courier du Sud |  Optometrists are in low demand after a solar eclipse

Courier du Sud | Optometrists are in low demand after a solar eclipse

Total eclipse on April 8. (Photo: Gravity Media – Dennis German)

A sign that the many warnings in recent weeks have paid off – perhaps – is that optometrists appear to have received relatively little contact from citizens with vision problems after viewing the April 8 solar eclipse.

“We still received about ten calls on Tuesday. Today [mercredi]“It's faded,” says Pierre Bouchard, an optometrist at New Look, in the room. From Greenfield Park.

Citizens cited blurred vision and eye pain or discomfort as symptoms.

Since the optical store does not offer this type of emergency consultation, they were referred to a hospital or clinic.
At Opto-Réseau, in Candiac, the optometrist Gravité Média spoke with admits she was expecting “a lot of calls.”

So far, only one person has come forward. “This is more of a panic situation than anything else. Someone pinned her while she was watching the eclipse, and she lost her glasses for a split second.”

At Greiche & Scaff in Saint Constant, some people have requested information regarding symptoms such as dry eyes, burning sensations and discomfort.

We did not see them in consultation. “As explained in the news, you should wait a few days for the symptoms to disappear.”

At Lunetterie Opto-Réseau Depani and Koyess in Brossard, they did not feel any repercussions from the eclipse.
Visique, located at Quartier DIX30, only records a small number of calls.

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