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Art, science and knowledge in all its forms during the 11th PHOS event in Matani

Art, science and knowledge in all its forms during the 11th PHOS event in Matani

The theme of “Art·Science·Knowledge” is at the heart of this new edition. politeness

With a budget of around $240,000, around 60 artists, both emerging and professional, will participate in the 11th edition of PHOS, from May 17 to June 16, in Matagne, specifically in Matagne, St. Ulrike and St. – Congratulations.

This year, the event dedicated to the various uses of photographs, media and digital images today falls under the slogan “Art · Science · Knowledge” to present them in all their forms.

According to the event's curator, Alexis Langevin-Tétreault, who succeeded Gilles Artaud, “the development of modern artistic practices is inseparable from scientific and technological progress, he offers a critical view of it.”

Former PHOS Commissioner, Gilles Artaud, with his replacement, Alexis Langevin-Tétreault, at the launch of this 11th programme. Photography by Romain Pelletier

Diverse programming

The program of this eleventh interdisciplinary, comprehensive and multigenerational edition was unveiled this afternoon, at the Joseph Rouleau Cultural Complex, in the presence of, among others, the Prefect of the MRC and Mayor of Baie-des-Sables, Gérald Beaulieu, and the Municipal Councilor of the City of Matane, Lucie Lapointe.

In total, there will be 25 activities for the general public, namely exhibitions, installations, performances, artist meetings and performances, as well as five activities for the young public, mainly workshops in schools with more than 440 young people.

Selected places: Cégep de Matane, the former Boulangerie Pelletier on Avenue D'Amours, the Joseph-Rouleau Cultural Complex and the alley near La Chouette Librairie on Avenue Saint-Jérôme in Matane, the Manoir des Sapins on Boulevard Perron in Sainte-Félicité and the wall of the Church of Saint-Ulric.

Poster of the program under the slogan “Art · Science · Knowledge” at the Joseph Rollo Cultural Complex. Photography by Romain Pelletier

Current, interesting and relevant works today

The program will feature many of the most current, interesting and relevant Canadian works today. In keeping with its tradition, it maintains a large venue to showcase the work of emerging colleagues.

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This will pass through the images of science fiction to the digitization of physical reality, the misuse of tools and technological innovation, and popular knowledge to laboratory research, both microscopic and intangible.

Some examples: “Festin Boréal” by Robert Moran that reveals the fate of a deer carcass in the forest, a commissioned work from the group Les Faiseux de berlue about communication between plants, and another work by José Luis Torres with Pioneer Houses that bears witness to the imagination of La Matanie, a graduate exhibition of Cégep photography students, an exhibition of intimate works by Cégep students “Untitled Author” and the creation of an original audio work produced using the “Fonofone” application by the student group led by Marc Tremblay, and a roundtable on the theme of this 11th edition of PHOS.

The full program is here:

Graphic image showing the 11th PHOS event designed by François Wells. politeness

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault succeeds Gilles Artaud

Curator Alexis Langevin-Tétrault succeeds one of the pillars of Quebec's artistic life, artist Gilles Artaud.

“Since PHOS was founded in 2013 by Espaces F, Gilles Artaud has been involved as director or even as coordinator,” he says. Thanks to his hard work, some of Canada's greatest artists have presented their work there. I would not have accepted this challenge without trust in a dedicated and dedicated team. »