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Vaccination case revealed: Lemay-Thivierge attacks La Presse for $1.85 million

Vaccination case revealed: Lemay-Thivierge attacks La Presse for $1.85 million

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge claimed he was “shocked, disappointed and deeply saddened” that the media exposed his vulnerable status last fall, and is claiming $1.85 million from La Presse, which he accuses of harming his career.

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“He has felt and continues to feel exhausted, embarrassed and humiliated every time the case of a vaccine is mentioned or commented on in the public arena,” we can read in the civil lawsuit filed during recesses in Montreal court.

The actor sparked a lot of talk last September, after an article titled “Unvaccinated, Guillaume Lemay-Theverge Has Trouble,” stating that he would have been excluded from producing episodes of the series. District 31 Because he refused the vaccine.

According to Lemay-Thivierge, no contract has yet been signed, and discussions with production have been “postponed”, in accordance with the requirements for the vaccine.

The actor also accuses La Presse of insinuating that he asked restaurant owners “preferential treatment” in order to eat at the table without a vaccination permit, saying instead that they asked for these restaurants’ policies.

However, as Lemay-Thivierge asserts, La Presse reported that he “inquired” about the possibility of entry without evidence of vaccination.

” Private life “

He also swears that he has “never taken a stand against sanitary measures,” that he is not opposed to the vaccine, and that he has never agreed to publicly disclose his vaccination status.

The actor added in an interview with magazineYesterday, preferring not to disclose whether he has been vaccinated now.

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In a video posted after the report, he confirmed that he would eventually agree to a vaccination, but that he wanted Medicago to be produced in Quebec.

Anyway, this case has made enough noise to broadcast a sketch on Lemay-Thivierge over the past period good bye.

A good player, the actor praised the “respectful work” of the production.

“But I still don’t understand why we want to laugh at someone who lost their job,” he added.

Contract loss

Because since the report was published, Hyundai Canada has ended its partnership with Lemay-Thivierge.

The lawsuit says other contracts have been compromised or terminated, and his business prospects have been fulfilled.

« [Le reportage] It was intentional and had the effect of discrediting the public, exposing him to popular retaliation,” his lawyers say in the court document.

They added that the “lies” were told “with the intent of creating a semblance of public interest” and violated their client’s privacy.

As La Presse claims it did nothing wrong in publishing its report, Lemay-Thivierge has taken to the courts, claiming $1.85 million in damages.

The case will soon be brought before a Quebec Supreme Court judge.

“Overall, with all that people are going through in this pandemic, I am doing well and wishing everyone the best, kindness, love and kindness,” concluded Lemay-Thivierge.

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