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A voting error causes online confusion and Star Académie . responds

A voting error causes online confusion and Star Académie . responds

This Sunday in star AcademyIt was Yannick who had to leave the adventure. However, many fans believe that his departure may be affected by a bug on Facebook. We explain to you!

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Like every Sunday through a variety of star AcademyThree candidates were at risk and had to perform to win the hearts of the public or faculty. This week, it was Yannick, Matthew and Jeremy.

However, viewers soon noticed an error in a Facebook post published by the show’s official page to encourage people to vote.

In it, we can see that the number to call to save Jeremy is noh 1, one for Matthew the noh 2 And for Yannick, noh 3.

On the other hand, on TV, the noh 1 assigned to Yannick and noh 3 for Jeremy, bringing the two candidates opposite. According to several comments on Facebook, the wrong post was online for a few minutes before it was corrected.

Facebook screenshot

Then several of them commented, wondering if their vote to save Yannick, based on the number seen on Facebook, actually went to Jeremy.

Finally, Jeremy is saved by the audience, and then the teachers choose to keep Matthew. So it was Yannick who had to pack his bags.

According to an official version of star Academy In the wake of Variety, the error would not have affected the vote. Throughout the voting period […] The result was largely in Jeremy’s favour, and the trend continued throughout the evening.

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“So there is no doubt that the outcome of the evening is indeed the public’s choice.”

This is a clear!

Watch or review the performance of the three nominees here:

Yannick- bruising (Lewis Capaldi)

Jeremy- on my shoulder (Dashing Cowboys)

Matthew dance with Me (Martin St. Clair)

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