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USA |  An Improbable Call to 911 After F-35 Disappears

USA | An Improbable Call to 911 After F-35 Disappears

(Washington) “I think it landed in my garden”: A South Carolina resident calmly explained to the US emergency call service 911 after a military pilot ejected from his F-35, according to audio released Friday.

The case both delighted and shocked America: On Sunday, a military base in South Carolina asked the public to help find a missing F-35 fighter jet. The device is valued at $80 million.

Its pilot was ejected and performed well, keeping quiet about the “incident” that caused the soldier’s hasty departure.

Thanks to the resident in question, he was able to get on the phone with the emergency number 911, according to several minutes of the call broadcast Friday by media in the United States.

The resident first tries to explain this strange situation to a confused operator.

“We have a pilot in our house. He says he was kicked off the plane. We wanted to know if they could send us an ambulance,” the person said.

“Excuse me?” replied the operator.

“We have a pilot. At home,” repeats the resident. “I think it landed in my garden.”

Then the pilot himself speaks.

“An army plane has crashed. I am the pilot. Relief work should be carried out,” he said. “I don’t know where the plane is. Maybe he crashed somewhere. I fired,” he continues.

When the operator asks him what caused his parachute to arrive, he says that his plane “disturbed”.

He explains that he feels better and that his back hurts.

“I parachuted to the ground. Can you please send an ambulance? », he repeated before asking her if she had been informed of the plane crash in the area.

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Not yet, she replies.

The remains of the F-35B Lightning II, the flagship of American aeronautics, were finally found in South Carolina on Monday, about 24 hours after it went missing.