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20th Tanguay Millionaire: An elderly man from Lac Saint-Jean who wants to enjoy life

20th Tanguay Millionaire: An elderly man from Lac Saint-Jean who wants to enjoy life

A Lac-Saint-Jean senior couldn't have been happier Saturday morning when he learned he had just turned 20 years oldH Tanguay is a millionaire. He who could not believe what was happening to him confirmed that he would use the money to ruin his family.

“Things were going well, but now they are better,” said Laurier Genest, who was barely recovering from his emotions.

A retired welder, who lives in Normandin, Lac-Saint-Jean, was one of the ten finalists out of twentyH Tanguay Million Sale edition, the final drawing of which was held live on TVA's Salut Bonjour Weekend.

Didier Debuscher/Journal de Québec

Mr. Genest says first of all that he intends to buy a brand new car which probably will not have time to rust, because he plans to change it every year, now that he has become a millionaire.

He also plans to spoil his wife, Madeline Painchaud, who wants to buy new jewelry and enjoy life. In addition to travel plans, Normandinois also confirmed that his only son will also benefit from a new car and a good amount of money soon.

An expense that pays off big

By a happy coincidence, the octogenarian participated in the competition, which was held from February 19 to April 28. Mr. Genest then bought a GE stove as well as a top-of-the-line range hood, purchases that eventually brought him big returns.

In addition to winning the grand prize, Mr. Genest also won a $5,000 Tanguay gift card. A gift was also given to the other nine finalists in the Million Sale Contest.

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Charles Tanguay, the company's president, who was on site, was thrilled on the TV.

“We are grateful to our loyal customers who have supported us for over 60 years and especially during the 20th edition of Millionaire Sales. Every year, it is always exciting for us to donate $1 million in cash and see it won,” the businessman said.