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Unvaccinated Boxers Hinder EOTTM

Unvaccinated Boxers Hinder EOTTM

This is the reality that Estephan and his company Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) are facing because at least three of their boxers are still not or refuse to receive a vaccination.

Among them, none other than the former FIVB middleweight champion David Lemieux. Thus, the EOTTM is unable to meet the requirements of the management of the Videotron Center in Quebec City, which requires all those entering the enclosure to show a white leg and a full vaccination passport.

Camille Estefan, who was joined by Radio Canada Sports on Monday, admitted that the situation caused her project to have a wonderful evening, on December 3, to underline the 10 years her company has had.

We’re having discussions with our athletes because I think they realize now that it’s going to limit them significantly. You have to be vaccinated even to go to the restaurant. So this greatly limits their career.

Quote from:Camille Estephan, Head of Eye of the Tiger Management

The situation is so embarrassing that it is already too late for non-vaccinated ponies to collect two potions in time for a ceremony, elsewhere in Quebec, on December 3.

Estephan then considered the possibility of submitting a card on December 31, but officials at Régie des alcools, des course et des jeux (RACJ) seem reluctant to change their personal plans during the holiday season.

If he hasn’t thrown in the towel yet, the promoter knows it will be very difficult for him to organize an event in December. Thus, the EOTTM is still trying to organize an evening, between Christmas and New Year’s, which can be presented in a theater or amphitheater of about 1,500 seats, somewhere in the Montreal area.

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Space in the calendar is limited as two more festivals have already been planned by Groupe Yvon Michel, on December 10 at Trois-Rivières and on December 17 at the Bell Centre.

Consequences for other boxers

Needless to say, unvaccinated EOTTM boxers deny those who have a chance to fight and earn a living through their sport and talent.

And Lemieux in all of this? The boxer, who will turn 33 in December, admitted he had not been vaccinated when Radio Canada Sports spoke to him more than two weeks ago.

It is a personal choice. I am not an antivirus. You have already had other vaccinations (influenza, etc.). Respect vaccination, science and doctors 100%. But I do not take this vaccine.

Quote from:David Lemieux, professional boxer

It also ignored any stricter restrictions from public health.

Public Health has no right to order me anything. We must also respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If someone does not want to be vaccinated, this is a personal choice. The person being vaccinated does not have to worry about the neighbor who is not being vaccinated. Everyone who is vaccinated is healthy, he added.

new data

The story has taken a different turn in recent days after a suggestion from his boxing coach Mark Ramsey, Lemieux was recently taken over by Marc-Andre Wilson regarding his physical preparation.

However, Wilson is also the physical trainer and wife of Marie-Yves Dekare, as well as the sponsor of Oscar Rivas. The latter, sufficiently vaccinated, is preparing for the World Championship battles that will take place on December 17.

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Wilson wanted to be reassured by pointing out that his clients in Myologik, in Boisbriand, had no direct contact with each other. A vaccination passport is not required there due to the category of private health center to which the company belongs.

Anyone who appears here does so by appointment. I respect health guidelines such as social distancing. He’s alone in the gym right now. I would probably have this discussion with David, but his presence remains an acceptable risk. I keep a distance. I washed my hands. And I wear the mask if I have to get close to it to manipulateWilson explained.

He then stated that two of his civilian clients, after being fully vaccinated, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. If they are injured outside the walls of his care center, they will not be in contact with the rest of Mark Andre Wilson’s clients.

Yvonne Michel, president of the Yvonne Michel group, said he was very surprised when Radio Canada Sports informed him that David Lemieux was working with Wilson.

It’s a delicate situation and I will definitely speak to Marc Andre. I want to see how he handles this. I will inquire to find out what exactly.

Quote from:Yvonne Michel, President of GYM

I’ve asked all contract boxers to be vaccinated twice. Everyone realized the importance of doing this as part of their training and career. Everyone did it , concluded Yvonne Michel, noting that it is difficult for him to comment further at the moment.