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The Espace Emploi formation is part of the inter-municipal development

The Espace Emploi formation is part of the inter-municipal development

In May 2021, a new team of volunteers was formed by the Board of Directors of the Espace Emploi Formation Association.

Mrs. Lilian Ladet, Head of the Social Center has been elected to head an office whose members come from all over the Inter-Municipal Territory.

This provision and immediate administrative measures naturally reinforce the desire for consistency with the services provided to the population, where employment plays an important role and forms part of the policy of Maison France.

The members of the Bureau reconstituted the Assembly.

To begin, in mid-August, the arrival of Director Olivier Colom, who, thanks to his immediate participation, confirms the inter-municipal orientation with a harmonious adaptation of the headquarters in St-Geniez-d’Olt and Aubrac and a more assertive presence in Laissac-Séverac-l’Eglise and Séverac -d’Aveyron. One of the first tasks is to propose a match between the positions defined in the Union’s policy and the operational ones. Recruitment is done and the system can be completed.

During the month of September, Lucie Roussel joined the teams as a professional integration consultant for the Laissac and Séverac sectors.

Jacqueline Morin, who previously held this position, will be responsible for organizing the recycling center and following up on staff at reintegration.

Pierre Marcilhac’s mission is to create and develop the Training Centre.

Déborah Chanson and Adeline Creyssels remain in their Executive Assistant positions with the goal of enhancing the communication segment.

The final recruitment for the CIP position has been validated in the St-Geniez office.

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This new team is now ready to support job seekers, companies with many vacancies and tomorrow to provide training.