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Catalan Sausage World Championships: Espace Gourmand in Thuer

Catalan Sausage World Championships: Espace Gourmand in Thuer

Tibo Gonzalez has been a butcher since 2008 (His Facebook page). First in Ponteilla, where he still has his laboratory, the Espace gourmand opened in Thuir in April 2021.

Satisfying his customers and satisfying himself is what motivates him every day in his job. Then he says: “My job is my life. When a customer thanks me for the quality of my products, I’m in heaven.”

Thibault is a taste maker

The recipe he served at the Catalan Sausage World Championships is what his father taught him: shoulder, breast, salt and pepper. But the personal touch is that it’s made of Gascon hogs that Tipo hogs in Ohm.

Tipu raises his own pigs
Tipu raises his own pigs

Aside from this famous Catalan sausage, Thibault is particularly proud of their pâté en croute, “Trois columns”. Duck, guinea fowl, free range chicken and foie gras, 1 kilo of each, and you’re done. He’s also very creative with his Charcuterie collection.

Open to all party in partnership with France Bleu Roussillon

Organized by the Catalan Sausage Club (Facebook page), the final of the tournament will take place on Sunday 5 June at Parc de Clairfont in Touloug.
The final eight sausages will be cooked by department heads. Local wine and beer will accompany the meal to the sounds of bands and more.
– 9:30 am -> 11:30 am: Election of the best Catalan sausage / event dedicated to club members.
– From 11 am -> the doors open for everyone and the celebrations begin
– From 3 pm -> Awards Ceremony and Ceremony
Admission: €5 for non-members

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