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Until the announcement was leaked, Google spotted the new superstar smartphone

2021 will be an old Pixel, and 2022 will be just as much indeed. Without revolutionizing its formula, Google has managed to improve it in order to offer a complete smartphone without major flaws. More unique in its design, for sure, the Pixel 7 Pro is one of those phones that amaze and shock as soon as it is placed on the table. With its brilliantly bright display and new G2 sensor chip, it’s ready to entertain you long, wide, and across. In terms of photography, it holds its crown on Android. Zoom, wide-angle sensor, selfie, “night” mode, ergonomics … It outshines all competition. Only Apple continues to stand up to her. Only complaint, too bad it’s not as good in video as in photo. However, we are confident that Google will continue to improve its version.

Finally, its only Achilles’ heel can come from charging, which is quite slow and its autonomy, which is satisfactory, but not exceptional, especially when used in strong light.

In any case, with the new flagship, Google is completely answering our initial questioning. Yes, it is possible to offer a complete and premium smartphone under the €1,000 mark. Pixel 7 Pro is proof of that.

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