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Smartphone without screen on video

A screen-free future is the promise of humanity, a startup founded by former Apple employees. And that promise, which has been in development for several years, came to fruition last month, during a TED Talk taped in Vancouver. Although the video was only uploaded today, We already know the outlines of the device : Worn like a badge on clothes, it’s completely independent and has a projector if it needs to display something (on the flat of the hand).

The display is on. To use it…like a smartphone, after all.

The great work of this distant ancestor compadge to do it all Star TrekArtificial intelligence is really at the heart of the Animal Welfare Project. It offers integrated assistive translation capabilities (with user tones, even if they aren’t clear when listening), camera-assisted product analysis (a bar of chocolate in the example), or even the ability to grind up a summary of receiving mails and upcoming appointments. For more details on the features of the device, I refer you to our previous full article:

Humane wants to reinvent the smartphone, but without a screen

The idea driving the project is very interesting: it is about removing the screens that clutter our vision. But what we see in this video is nothing more advanced than the Apple Watch with a slightly smarter Siri. And screens, it’s still not bad for watching videos or playing games…

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