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United Kingdom: Rwanda's extradition policy has not worked

United Kingdom: Rwanda’s extradition policy has not worked

British MPs said on Monday that London’s plan to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda has not had the effect of stopping them from crossing the Channel, and called for a review of asylum applications in France.

In a report released Monday, the House Home Affairs Committee said there is “no clear evidence” that the highly controversial policy prevents immigrants from making the dangerous crossing.

The Conservative government struck a deal to tackle ever-increasing small boat crossings and deliver on one of its Brexit promises by tackling illegal immigration. RwandaBut no evacuation has taken place yet. The first flight scheduled for June was cancelled After the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights.

“The report concludes that the government’s efforts to find a single, low-cost solution to closing this entryway are unrealistic and will not succeed,” the commission said in a statement.

MEPs recommend negotiating with France on the establishment of centers to examine asylum applications, for example by establishing a pilot project.

In its report, the commission “recognises that this is a contentious issue between the British and French governments”, and insists on guarantees that migrants whose applications are rejected “will be stopped and deported, so that they simply do not return”. to French shores”.

Intersections continue to increase

“We are looking for radical new policies that will make good headlines in the press, but by all means we have done little to combat the influx of people willing to risk their lives to reach the UK,” MP Diana Johnson (Labour) , Chair of the Commission.

MEPs point out that Channel crossings on small boats continue to increase significantly: 28,500 arrivals in the UK in 2021, and 14,000 already this year, so the total number will reach 60,000 by the end of this year.

By the end of 2021, at least 166 people had died or gone missing trying to cross, including 27 on a single day.

“There are no silver bullets to solve the migration crisis facing the world, but we must do everything we can to fix the broken asylum system in the UK,” replied a Home Office spokesman, defending government plans to crack down on smugglers’ business model. .

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