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Deux nouveaux cas de "variole du singe" repérés au Royaume-Uni

Two new cases of ‘monkey guinea’ have been reported in the UK

Two newcomers to the UK have been diagnosed with ‘monkey box’ or monkey pox. Health officials told the BBC.

The British Health Service (UKHSA) said one in two was being treated at the hospital.

The eighth and ninth cases so far confirmed in the UK are unrelated to the case previously confirmed in the UK on May 7.

Health information and advice are provided “as a precaution” to the close contact of the latest two cases, the UKHSA said.

Monkey is a rare viral infection that can kill up to one in ten infected but not easily spread among the population.

Health employers said it was important to emphasize that the overall risk to the general public is “very low.”

Health officials said they were investigating where and how the couple contracted the infection.

The case, which was announced earlier this month, is believed to have been contracted by a man who recently traveled from Nigeria before leaving for the UK.

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