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Bamboo Airways: In Australia, Singapore and Bangkok project

Bamboo Airways: In Australia, Singapore and Bangkok project

Airlines Bamboo Airways Introduced a new link between Ha disease And MelbourneBetween his second city and the third Australia, and another Ho Chi Minh City And Singapore.

The Vietnamese private company now offers one flight a week between its bases Hanoi-disease boy And airport Melbourne Thullamarine, Powered by the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which can accommodate 26 passengers in business class, 21 passengers in premium and 247 passengers in economy. Flights depart from Australia at 6:30 pm on Wednesday and arrive at 7:00 am the next day, and depart from Australia at 10:00 am on Thursday and land at 4:45 pm.

Bamboo Airways has no competition on this route, unlike the one launched between Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne in February, outside of the Govt-19 epidemic, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Airways. The service also does Sydney Departing from its base in the southern metropolis.

Drum Puang, deputy general manager of Bamboo Airways, said in a statement: ” Our Melbourne-Hanoi route started with convenience, time saving and hassle-free travel experience, especially when Bamboo Airways was the first and only Vietnamese airline to operate this planned non-stop service. In addition, we expect the Melbourne-Hanoi route to further enhance its vital role as an air bridge and make a significant contribution to Vietnam-Australia relations in all respects. “.

Australians ” I love going to Vietnam and the uninterrupted services of Bamboo Airways offer excellent travel options between the two countries. Jim Parachos, Managing Director of International Rescue at Melbourne Airport. ” To the large Vietnamese community in Australia, it allows international students from Vietnam to come and study at our world-class institutions of higher learning, while also providing much-needed connectivity for family and friends. Bamboo Airways has shown its commitment to Australia by rapidly developing many new routes in the midst of epidemics, and we are once again pleased to be a part of their ever expanding plans. “.

In the regional network, Bamboo Airways has introduced two new routes Singapore-ChangiWith three weekly flights from Ho Chi Minh City (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and low cost Jetstar Asia, Pacific Airlines, Scot and Widget Air) and two from Hanoi (Wednesday and Saturday opposite, Vietnam Airlines, Jet and Viet) .

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Finally its Ho Chi Minh City – Bangkok-Golden Land Operates on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays against Thai Airways and Thai Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines and Vietjet Air. Bamboo Airlines Airbus uses single-lane aircraft on all three routes

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