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Town South: In Australia, the Billa team moves south

Town South: In Australia, the Billa team moves south

You have to read the waves, wait for the right wind, avoid the crowd, some waves are more difficult to navigate than others. But since this is their job, they are a favorite of professional surfers.

Team Billapong He recently made a last-minute trip to South Australia. Commonly known as the “Strike Mission” of surfing in the small world, these missions are hastily arranged and aimed at reaching the swelling, with the latter pointing the tip of his nose at the cards. A luxury that only professional surfers or the unemployed can afford to buy a well-stored wallet.

Ryan Collinson, Joel Parkinson, Laura Ever, Jay Clinton, Micah Markison And Lynx Smith Is part of the first category. The two went south together Australia Analysis is very difficult to attack abusive rights. not that Ryan Collin Who will say the opposite. Current CD The surfer came out with two broken boards in one session. Yes, that too is a luxury for a pro browser.

“It’s so exciting that you get up early and throw in the car unpredictable or last minute trips.” Ryan Collin Won, so do we.

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