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The UK is once again raising its ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The UK is once again raising its ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

London announced a significant increase in its climate aspirations on Tuesday 20 April and reaffirmed them on Thursday 22 April at a climate summit hosted by US President Joe Biden. Boris Johnson’s government is committed to ensuring British legislation aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 78% from 1990 emissions by 2035, and will be able to reach a zero carbon footprint by 2050. “In this way, the United Kingdom will reaffirm its commitment to the framework of the Paris Agreement, which will help reduce global warming to 1.5 C.” 10 said Downing Street.

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In addition, for the first time, the British carbon track will take into account emissions from the air and sea transport sectors, which is a long-standing demand of associations fighting global warming. Already, in December 2020, London was a pioneer, promising to reduce national emissions by 68% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

“If we are serious about stopping climate change, this must be the year we take this fight very seriously. After 2020, world leaders will be able to unite to turn the tide, or rather be remembered as a missed opportunity.” Mr Johnson was due to make the announcement during his speech at the Climate Summit on Thursday.

Explicit political motives

Boris Johnson wants to be the “greenest” of the G7 leaders. Arriving at 10 Downing Street in the summer of 2019, he already had a promising environment: shortly before him, Prime Minister Theresa May had set a carbon neutral target for the United Kingdom in 2050, thus making the United Kingdom the first Western country in law. The British conservative, who until then was little known for his pro-environmental beliefs, took up the torch, leading the fight against global warming since last year.

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Its political motives are obvious. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) is set to take place in Glasgow in November – officials in London and Scotland hope to hold a “body” meeting to combat the Govt-19 epidemic. Despite Brexit, Mr Johnson seizes the opportunity for this important meeting to show that the UK still carries weight in the music industry. Incidentally, a diplomatic victory in Scottish economic capital would give him arguments in favor of the UK trade union, facing the rhetoric of Scottish separatists who have wind in their boat in the elections.

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