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The file rearranges its table

The Australian Federation (FA) has announced new dates for meetings for the 16th round of the FFA Cup, after a very difficult August when all meetings were postponed due to the resumption of the Covit-19 epidemic.


The Australian Federation (FA) has released the upcoming FFA Cup National Cup schedule with three posters in the state of Queensland and two devices in Western Australia. In this first part of the meeting for the 16th round of the competition, The Brisbane Roar And Adelaide United Will start their campaign against respectively Peninsular power (D2) and Fluoride Athena (D2)

The resumption of the Govt-19 epidemic in Australia postponed these meetings, which were originally scheduled to take place in August. Thanks to the return to normalcy in some states such as Queensland and the Northern Territory, the FA was able to find a window to start its competition. The final is not scheduled (initially scheduled for October 16), but the federation office hopes to finish its competition by the end of 2021.

Plan for Round 16

Marty 14 September: Peninsular Power (D2) – Brisbane Roar

Mercury 15 September: Edge Hill United (D2) – Gold Coast Knights (D2)

Thursday, September 21: Lions FC (D2) – Casuarina FC (D2)

Sunday September 26: Fluoride Athena (D2) – Adelaide United

Wednesday, September 29: ECU Joondalup (D2) – Adelaide Olympics (D2)

Photo: Imego Images / AAP