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Towards a safe and sustainable use of space and a vision of Copernicus: the Council adopts the conclusions

European ministers in charge of space today adopted two sets of conclusions, respectively about Copernicus by 2035 and on The European Union’s approach to space traffic management. These results provide political orientations For the future of the Copernicus program in the European Union and the strengthening of The common position of the European Union In space traffic management.

Copernicus by 2035

Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth Observation Program that provides information services on the basis ofEarth observation via satellite and on non-spatial data. This information allows service providers, public authorities and international organizations to improve the quality of life of European citizens. Data collected under the Copernican program has proven useful in several areas, including emergency responseThe Food Safety world, combating climate change, border control and national security.

The Council’s conclusions on Copernicus by 2035 help prepare a dossierat Copernicus space programme. they present Vision By 2035 and political orientations The Copernican Program is built around three main pillars: the Green Deal, the digital transformation And security, all three in the service of a more resilient Europe. The conclusions take into account user needsthe new environmental challenges and search status. They also plan to include new digital technologies in the program as much as possible.

space movement management

Space is more crowded than ever. To meet the global challenges associated with this increase in traffic, the rules regarding space activities must evolve accordingly. Sharing capabilities, information and best practices between member states Essential to meet strategic and competitive challenges in the space sector.

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In conclusions regarding the EU’s approach to space traffic management, Ministers stressed the importance of strengthening European Union Space Observation Capabilities And the Follow-upas well as coordinating organizational and consolidation activities. This will amplify the EU’s voice on the international stage regarding space traffic management.

The EU’s approach to space traffic management will reduce collision risk And to make sure that space is used up Safe And the sustainable.

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