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Green Walls and Balconies: Is It a Good Idea?

Green Walls and Balconies: Is It a Good Idea?

You lack space but you want Add a touch of nature to your outdoor space ? A vertical garden could be the answer. A lush vertical garden takes up minimal floor space and can completely change the look of your home. But beauty is not all that a green wall has to offer. Today’s landscapers are increasingly using space-saving vertical plantings in buildings to improve our health and well-being, especially in high-rise urban towers where our connection to nature is often absent.

What is a green wall?

It’s a smart way to use an outdoor space. Vertical gardens can transform an unused bare porch or patio. A green balcony wall can create opportunities for plants to grow and enjoy in all kinds of environments and locations. From the rooftop terraces to the patios, the green walls abound with brightly colored flowers, succulents, ornamental grasses, shrubs, vines, and more. this methodLandscaping Vertical creates the impression of a wall of plants on the balcony.

What are the main advantages of green walls and balconies?

Large or small balconies can be a great oasis on hot summer days. Surrounded by green plants, it is a pleasure to enjoy morning coffee, fresh cocktail, evening breeze or sunset. Environmentally friendly, creating not only a pleasant atmosphere, but also a pleasant microclimate on the balcony, green walls recreate the comfort of a flower garden in a small balcony space. Plus, they help cool your outdoor space and purify the air.

The green wall also provides privacy and hides unpleasant views. As there are more and more public spaces greening with green walls, homeowners and renters can opt for smaller versions, installing trellis covered with vines, shrubs, or trees closely together instead.

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Green Walls and Balconies: Is It a Good Idea?

As you can see, there are many advantages to greening an exterior wall or simply your balcony. But is it always a good idea? There are actually two points to consider before embarking on such a project.

First, the wall you want to plant must have a structure that is strong enough and in good condition to accommodate the plants and their supports. It’s the same for the balcony if this is what you want to green with pots and planters.

Second, you need to consider the level of sunlight, the direction of the prevailing winds, and the ease of maintenance of your farm. For example, if your wall or balcony is exposed to the sun from morning to evening and also to dry winds, you will need to water at least once a day. It can also limit the type of plants that can fit into your design. You will also be limited in your choices if your wall or balcony is heavily shaded.