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ManiFeste 2022 bets on artificial intelligence in music

ManiFeste 2022 bets on artificial intelligence in music

For the 2022 edition of the festival, Ircam, which puts information technology and digital research at the service of artistic creativity, is opening its own renovated exhibition room. This modular space with variable acoustics and scenography enables every imaginable sound and expressive experience.

Concerts, performances, installations and participatory science, ManiFeste highlights the diversity of creativity in 24 performances and 36 creations. This 25th edition highlights artificial intelligence as a partner to the human imagination through two works commissioned by Erkham from Pierre Gudlovsky, a mixed composer born in Toulouse in 1971 and Alexander Schubert, a multi-media improvisational composer born in Bremen in 1979, inspired by free-music Jazz, technical and interactive.

Check machine skills

For the general public, the concept of artificial intelligence refers to the movie Stanley Kubrick 2001, space flightWhere humans and computers are fighting a merciless battle. Without going that farconfirms Pierre Godlovsky, Artificial intelligence builds interrelationships. The composer feeds the machine with suggestions and information that it processes before returning solutions. »

The show is dedicated to British mathematician Alan Turing (1912-1954), the founder of computer science who deciphered the German Enigma encoder, Alan T. (1), to a text by Frank Wetzel for actor, soprano, group and electronics in real time, encouraged Jodlowski to examine the machine to its fullest capabilities: “What interests me here is how humans can fight their own gods. I focused on the imagination of artificial intelligence and ways to use it.”

in anima (2), a multimedia theater for band and dancers, about a character in contact with his past and potential future, Alexander Schubert integrates advances in artificial intelligence developed by IRCAM researchers. “We created the tool with composerPhilip Isling, Ircam Research Group Leader, is excited. We gave him models to test, broke them and charted the consequences. And so we created a probabilistic generative model that we taught to the computer so that it could infer the probabilistic and the improbable. Schubert asked us so many things that they resulted in kinds of sounds so extravagantly that I shall find out the result with creation. »

It should be noted that among this year’s major events, the reshaping Polytop Clooney (3) By Iannis Xenakis, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

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