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“Too much food”: it is judged by the restaurant workers when ordering

“Too much food”: it is judged by the restaurant workers when ordering

Two Ontario women are struggling to understand the behavior of restaurant workers, who they say judged them for wanting to order “too much food.”

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In a video with over a million views, Cassandra Mauro from Toronto shares her sleazy adventure at a suburban Toronto restaurant with her friend.

The restaurant the two women visited is Paper crane Specializes in Asian food.

We were very hungry. I ordered chicken fried rice, shrimp tempura, noodles, and a sushi roll,” says Cassandra.

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When her friend Katherine is about to order a third roll, she is interrupted by the waitress.

“No no. It’s a lot of food. That’s it,” she would tell clients.

Stunned by his claim, Cassandra claims she told the waitress that their order wasn’t “large”.

Then the customers insist on ordering the third roll in front of the angry look of the waitress.

According to Cassandra, even the restaurant manager laughed at their order.

“She looked at us and said, ‘Are you hungry? You’re asking for too much food.'” [La table est trop petite] quantity of food required.

The manager had invited them to move to a larger table, which Katherine and Cassandra accepted.

Ontarian concludes her viral video by saying that all meals are done.

In the comments section, netizens were amazed at the customer’s claims.

“Looks like the restaurant is not ready to serve people…in a restaurant!” woman wonders.

Another said, “I was going to leave the restaurant right away.”