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Survivor Quebec: What Joel wanted to say during the last Tribal Council

Survivor Quebec: What Joel wanted to say during the last Tribal Council

Joel, the darling of viewers Quebec survivorhe was eliminated a few days before the grand final match to be held on this date.

Fortunately, the superfan was able to access the judging panel and thus get to enjoy the full experience, even though he is no longer in the game.

As a juror, he can attend all tribal councils, but he cannot step in. This did not prevent, in the last tip broadcast on Sunday, from casting revealing glances at his partner Sango and from imitating the fish before the votes were counted.

I would have loved to shout: “Wake up! You have a chance to win $100,000, I don’t have it anymore, keep fighting, show me you deserve to be here!” I would die for this game, so what are you doing?! tell us.

Add : ” I hoped with all my heart that Sandrine and Maris would find a solution to try to derail the train. Unfortunately, they, like Sango and me before them, fail to defeat the School of Fish. “.

He explains his stance and rolling eyes like this: It seems disheartening to see the inaction of some players. We cannot judge the choice of other players, they are in the game while I am sitting on the jury bench, and I must respect all strategies. School of Fish is a strategy I choose not to stick to, but it’s a strategy that works, there are still six players currently in the adventure and three on Redemption Island and they’ve all done a better job than me, so whatever strategy is chosen, they’re doing worse than theirs. Of course, it’s frustration, anger, and even borderline admiration, that they managed to do something I couldn’t. »

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Joel didn’t experience his elimination without difficulty. Luckily, Sango was on his side at the jury villa to support him. Learn more here.