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The first festival in Saint Brigitte de Laval

The first festival in Saint Brigitte de Laval

The commune of Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval is 20 minutes from Quebec City, and over the summer you’ll receive visits from Louis-Jean Cormier, Alleclair Ensemble, Thaire Le Coyote, Gros-Menet, Stephen Faulkner, and even a wrestling gala from NSPW themed King of the mountain.

It is with the idea of ​​revitalizing downtown Saint-Brigitte de Laval and filling the need for culturesays general manager Mathieu Therrien. The population of Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval is fairly young. There has been a demographic boom in the past ten years.

Presentation made at the Espace Festif de Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval.

Photo: Radio Canada

Diverse festival

Mathieu Therrien would like to develop an interest and curiosity in different art forms. That’s why we don’t just specialize in musical performances. We also do comedy and theatre, present films and documentaries, and invite speakers.

Poster for the two-headed Saint-Brigitte de Laval festival.  Draw two mountains with eyes.  Blue on an orange background.

Poster for the two-headed Saint-Brigitte de Laval festival

Photo: Radio Canada

The evenings take place in the ceremonial space located in the heart of the municipality, next to the church that was dismantled in 2021. Events will also take place inside including the free writing workshop led by Iman or the exhibition again Set the scene by Martin Office.

The painter and director will show there for the first time photos of several album covers of which he is the author. In particular, photo album models Le Coyote, Gros-Menet, Fred Fortin, and Les Cowboys-Fringants. We have appealed to collectors who own the original paintings. We’ve collected them all in this gallery. It will be a unique exhibitionexplains Mathieu Therrien, who notes that Martin’s desk is in a way the title of this first edition.

The à deux têtes festival, which takes its name from the mountain of the same name, wants to highlight natural settings and will offer courses in forests. We have great trails in Sainte-Brigitte de Laval. As you go through the corridors, there will be stops. A jazz station, an opera station, and another classical one. It will be on the edge of the Montmorency River. It will be perfectContinue.

Audiences will be able to attend 15-minute performances with interpretation panels that will explain the effect of music on their brains. Fun way to explain the importance of music to our well-being.

Evenings are held in the festive space from June 16 to July 28

The two-headed festival will take place from August 17-20.