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Today, Apple celebrates 15 years of fighting AIDS

Today, Apple celebrates 15 years of fighting AIDS

Apple has supported RED, an organization always fighting against AIDS, for 15 years. So the apple brand decided to celebrate on this day (World AIDS Day), fifteen years of fruitful partnership. This has made it possible to provide health services to the poorest communities in sub-Saharan Africa. To do this, Apple introduces new products designed specifically for this event. The brand also provides its customers with a fundraising program that targets the most vulnerable people.

Credit – Apple

Apple products to support RED

A new selection of devices and accessories are now available in Apple Stores. These will be available for the holiday season and will allow the brand to contribute to the fight against HIV, AIDS and COVID-19.

These include phone 13and iPhone 13 mini and Apple Watch Series 7. Apple has released special editions stamped in red for these various devices. These models are distinguished from the classic ones by the red color they use.

Credit – iPhone 13 product (red)

According to Apple, a portion of the proceeds from marketing this group of devices will be donated directly to the Global Fund for The fight against AIDS. This measure will be in effect until the end of next year.

This should allow Apple to book half of the income from the sale of RED products to combat COVID-19. The idea is to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on the fight against AIDS.

On the other hand, Apple has pledged to donate a dollar to the Global Fund for every purchase made by Apple Pay users. This is expected to run through December 6 and only applies to purchases on or the Apple Store. Total donations will be used to fight both AIDS and COVID-19.

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In addition, it must be said that the brand with a bite-sized apple offers a possibility for Apple Watch users to show their support for RED. To do this, they just need to download one of the six red-colored Apple Watch faces that the brand has made available to them. Here.

Other Apple services in line with awareness

The sting apple brand hasn’t bagged its plants just for the RED cause. He also reaffirmed his support for the organization fighting HIV/AIDS by utilizing these other services.

Such is the case with the App Store, which has been promoting an app called “Positive Singles” since that day. The latter encourages inclusive dating that allows individuals with HIV to establish contacts with each other. It also provides information for people who have recently had sexually transmitted diseases. This gives them very useful information.

Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, and Apple TV feel free to join the movement. Apple Books now offers book collections focused on the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

For its part, Apple Podcasts will offer programs related to the disease. Specials showing how racism has kept some of the planet’s people from getting good care. Some shows will explain the reasons for the fact that there is still no cure for the disease.

Apple Music and Apple TV will also help people learn more about the disease. Especially with regard to its composition as well as the human cost that the epidemic has caused worldwide. To do this, go to the Watch Now section of your Apple TV.

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