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TLMEP: Alexander Barrett's "Dream Contract"  Arts |  the sun

TLMEP: Alexander Barrett’s “Dream Contract” Arts | the sun

“I am satisfied with the choices we made, even if they weren’t perfect,” said Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, of government crisis management. He still worries to know that 58% of cases now involve people under the age of 40. Of the young population, he said: “We still think we are a little indomitable at that age.”

While many protesters gathered in Old Montreal, the minister assured that everyone would be vaccinated on June 24th. “We have 75 days left,” he said, speaking of “the last one.” Stretch».

Regarding the Mega Fitness Gym outbreak, Mr. Dubey said it was “worth investigating,” citing this example as an unfortunate consequence of ignoring the rules. “What happens in the Awais, why is the gas sleeping?” Guy A. On the critical situation in this region. The minister cited a breakdown of equipment and staff shortages, adding that a team from St. Justin had been sent there, so that we could “cut back on deadlines like anywhere else.”

A couple of “green crinqués” that can be seen in the documentary series It is more than just a garden On Unis TV, Edith Cochrane And the Emmanuel Belludu Shifted to self-sufficiency where possible. In addition to the neutral carbon oven, they learned about the compost toilet without convincing Alex Barrett.

Distributed bread, Emmanuel Belludu, who spent his confinement kneading dough with his family. “I love baking bread, it makes me happy,” says the actor, who especially said he did it for people in need. After failing to make cockroach flour – its reproduction was a failure – he buys this “future protein” for incorporation into his bread.

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Those nostalgic for Batov managed to find the clown of their childhood, a phenomenon of the 1970s. Serge Desrosier, who had the original idea for the documentary My uncle Batov On ICI Télé, he doesn’t know why he inherited the costume from his uncle Jack, but he changes himself and finds the character’s madness once he wears it.

More than 170 products derived from Patof have been released, including shampoo and even sausage. Because “it was necessary to fill the time,” Batov’s sense of humor was very damaging, as the journalist believes Task Sylvain Cormier. On Channel 10, the cabaret artists had complete freedom to mess around.

The documentary also deals with the homosexuality of Jacques Desrosier, whose wife Pierre was on the cast; A hidden part of the artist’s life at a time when it was impossible to openly experience homosexuality while hosting a children’s show.

After last year’s messy concert, which was broadcast only online, the 22nd edition of the Gala Québec Cinéma will be presented on ICI Télé on June 6. The actress warns, “I’m going to be the host.” Genevieve Schmidt, Which promises intense competition despite the epidemic, with 26 productions. “Now, we need a light.”

In response to Jean-Francois Lisse’s blunt criticism of comedy Blue houseCommunications director Karen Desmaris’s translator says it is the best publicity the show can get. “I don’t care what he thinks,” the actress concluded, who also found that she “lacks kindness” these days.

Heaven on Earth, Louis-Jean Cormier’s new album, is based on the death of his father, who unfortunately was unable to say goodbye to him. “I didn’t have to create a role for myself. I wrote what I was doing,” he says about this album, the album I’m most proud of, which sang a song for it, the irony.

In the event of uncertainty about staging shows with new curfew rules, Louis-Jean Cormier would like us to take at least two minutes to talk about culture in the prime minister’s press briefings. He salutes those “calendar acrobats” who have kept delaying concert dates and anticipates traffic jams when the tours resume.

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