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Victoria Beckham and her daughter in the cold?  Brooklyn Beckham shuts down rumors

Victoria Beckham and her daughter in the cold? Brooklyn Beckham shuts down rumors

Seraphine Roger

Are the relations between the Beckhams and the Peltz as strained as the tabloids suggest?

Is the honeymoon over? The rumor was launched at the beginning of August by the American media, “Page Six”, which announced it Victoria Beckham And his daughter-in-law Nicholas Peltz “didn’t get along at all and didn’t talk to each other.” Information from a source close to the family. All it takes is a picture on Instagram Bride Nicola Peltz red eyes, until the rumor of the feud between the Brooklyn Beckham family and his wife’s family grows.

Brooklyn Beckham was responsible for clarifying the mystery in an interview with Variety. It all started with the dress that Nicola Peltz was to wear on her wedding day. The young bride initially chose an outfit entirely created by the workshops of Victoria Beckham, former Posh Spice turned fashion designer. Nicholas Peltz, on the phone during the interview, spoke: [Victoria Beckham] He realized that his workshop could not finish it in time, so I had to choose another dress.’ She would finally choose Valentino, and that’s not enough to make a drama. So Brooklyn Beckham put an end to the excessive rumors with one conclusion: “Everyone gets along well, and that’s a good thing.” So the newlyweds will be on good terms with the entire Beckham family

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The couple married last April in Palm Beach, Florida, and the couple have been engaged since 2020. And when he’s not photographing his muse, Nicola Peltz, the 23-year-old is indulging in his latest passion for cooking. He posts his recipes on his “Cooking with Brooklyn” channel. He no longer hides his desire to become a father. Nicola Peltz, an actress by trade, 27, said she still wanted to wait before starting a family.

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